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Racing starts at 6:30 p.m.

2250 LB minimum weight using cast or steel blocks. Spoiler 8" max.

2300 LB minimum weight using a aluminum block. Spoiler 8" max.

No sideboards allowed. Max body width 83". Max body height 38" at back of car. Bumper ends must be rounded.

OEM chassis will not be allowed.

Standard Dirt Late Model bodies only

Roofs required.

No nitrous, no turbos or blowers. Radiator over flow catch bottle or tank. No antifreeze/coolant.

Alcohol or race gas. Electric fuel pump not allowed. Fuel cell mandatory. Must be attached with two 2" straps or 1" square tubing. No bottom feed fittings allowed.

Mufflers required. Noise level may not exceed 95 DBA at 100ft.,60 DBA at property line.

TIRE RULE: Hoosier D55

Top five must go across the scales immediately after your main event. If you do not you will be disqualified

All bracing to be track approved. No radios. No open fire walls, holes to be plugged. Motors to have solid mounts or to be chained down. Cars must be self starting with battery enclosed in nonconductive box securely fastened. All cars require master disconnect switch brightly marked in open view. Front loop required on open drive lines. Drive lines and added weight to be painted white or bright color. No loose body parts/sheet metal. Hook area to be made of chain or tow hook and must be visible to wrecker. A minimum 2 ¾ lb charged fire extinguisher on board with quick release bracket recommended.

SAFETY RULES: All cars require SFI-approved five-point safety belt system. Center crotch belt MUST be used and be mounted to the roll cage seat mount. All belts need to be mounted securely to main roll cage. Highly recommended to be replace every 2 years Fire suits, racing gloves, racing shoes, full face shield helmet. Window net 24x16 with top release welded to cage at bottom OR arm restraints required. Head cover, neck brace and nomex underwear recommended. Full face shield helmet 2005 or newer SA approved required. Blood type on helmet recommended.