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Division Rules:
Mini Trucks
Junior Class
Mini Outlaws
Hornet Rules:
Racing starts at 6:30 p.m.

Any stock 4 cylinder 2 wheel drive car with stock body. Maximum wheelbase may not exceed 104" NO PICKUPS, SPORTS CARS, HIGH PERFORMANCE OR REAR ENGINE CARS. All cars must weigh a miminum of 2000 lbs with driver.

Must be a 4 cylinder gas engine
Stock carburetor or stock fuel injection required for that make and model
Engine must match vehicle and must remain stock
No rotary engines, turbo or mid-engine cars.

Drive Train/Suspension
Must use stock transmission and rear/front end components
No posi-trac, welded, or spooled rear/front ends
No frame alterations allowed
Stock suspension components ONLY
Car must remain at factory height
No aftermarket race or re-buildable shocks
No spring alterations or different spring rates

Fuel Tank
If stock gas tank is mounted in front of real axel it may be used. Replacing with a fuel cell is recommended.
If stock gas tank is mounted behind rear axle it must be removed and replaced with a fuel cell and placed in the trunk as far forward as possible.
Fuel tank or fuel cells are required to have two 3/4" X ¼"or larger flat bar mounting straps going from front to back, over and under fuel tanks, and one ¾" X ¼" or larger flat bar strap going around the fuel tank side to side.

Steel wheels only and maximum width of 8". DOT 60 series or bigger passenger tires only. Wheels and tires must be the same size and no different than the car was originally equipped. All 4 tire wheel combos must be the same size no stagger.
No low profile, racing, racing recap, all terrain, mud terrain, studded or Nu-tread tires allowed.
No bead lock wheels allowed

Exhaust must be leak free and extend behind the driver with a muffler that meets 95dba @ 100' 60dba @ property line.

The battery must be removed from stock location and secured in a sealed battery box securely mounted in the cockpit behind driver.
Stock style bumpers required. No reinforcement of bumpers or bumper supports.
All doors must be welded bolted or chained shut.
Driver's door plate is required of no less the 3" wide X ¼" thick steel flat strap extending past the front and rear door seams in the middle of the door skin. Multiple straps or full door plate is recommended.
Hood must have 2 hood pins in front and use stock hinges.
Steering (racing steering wheel with coupler on the stock steering column is ok)
Pedals must remain completely stock for make, model and year of car.
Windshield needs to be replaced by a maximum 1" X 1" screen. All glass, plastic, chrome trim, lights, mirrors and under the hood insulation must be removed. All glass inside of the doors must be removed. A single hoop roll bar made of 1 ½".095 or larger tubing. Roll bar must be behind driver with a minimum of two kicker bars required. Roll cage must be welded to the frame or bolted securely to sub frame. One horizontal bar at shoulder height or X brace in roll bar hoop. Roll bar padding required around driver. A four point roll cage 1 ½" .095 or larger tubing and safety door bars are highly recommended.

Safety Rules
All driver's seats must be replaced with an approved racing seat.
Five point racing seat belts are required and must be attached to the roll cage.
Fire suits, racing gloves and racing shoes required.
Full face shield helmet 2005 or newer Snell approved. Blood type on helmet recommended.
Head cover, neck brace and nomex underwear, highly recommended


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