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Racing Starts at 6:30 p.m.

Drivers seat must remain within the frame rails and roll cage area. Roll cage tubing is 1 1/4" .065. minimum three side bars on drivers side not including the frame rails. At least two vertical bars on drivers side attached to the frame at the bottom. Right side of car needs at least two horizontal bars and the roll cage must be fabricated as to effectively protect the driver. Wing window bars made from roll bar material. Outer door bars permitted 1" from body and bumper ends inset 2" from outside edge of tire.

BODIES: Any OEM American or foreign metal bodied car with a roof allowed. Stock style suspension. 90" minimum wheel base. 102" maximum wheel base. 78" maximum width measure from outside tires edge to outside of tires edge. Minimum 11" opening at drivers window. No wings allowed of any kind mounted anywhere on the car. No sideboards allowed. Rear spoiler ok but not to exceed truck or deck width and not to be over 8" in height.

1800lb minimum weight. No quick change rear ends. No coil overs. Must have operating brakes on all four wheels. Front wheel drive will be allowed. No all wheel or 4 wheel drives.

ENGINES: Only 4 cylinder engines allowed. Any carburetors or fuel injectors. No nitrous, nitro, or fuel additives of any kind. Naturally aspirated only no forced induction of any kind (turbo's blowers etc). No rotary engines allowed. Any fuel pump allowed. Electric fuel pump will be allowed only when using an oil pressure switch for the shut off of the pump as well as a kill switch.

Fuel Cells are mandatory and must be separated from the driver. Must be attached with two 2" straps or 1" square tubing. No bottom feed fittings allowed.

Gas or methonal allowed.. Radiator over flow catch bottle or tank. No antifreeze/coolant.

Mufflers required. Noise level may not exceed 95 DBA at 100ft.,60 DBA at property line.

TIRE RULE: Any tire not to exceed 13" max width as stamped

No cow catchers. Bumper ends should be plated or strapped to prevent hooking. Doors to be welded shut, all bracing to be track approved. Nerf bars need to be securely fastened with no sharp edges. No Protruding objects. All glass, trim, mirrors and all flammable material to be removed from the car. No radios Windshields removed, replaced by heavy wire mesh rock guard. No open fire walls, holes to be plugged. Motors to have solid mounts or to be chained down. Cars must be self starting with battery enclosed in nonconductive box securely fastened. Scatter shield required on flywheel mounted clutches. All cars require master disconnect switch brightly marked in open view. Stock balancers to have plate on 3/16" steel larger than outer ring or pulley bolted to balancer. Front loop required on open drive lines. Drive lines and added weight to be painted white or bright color. No loose body parts/sheet metal. Hook area to be made of chain or tow hook and must be visible to wrecker. A minimum 2 ¾ lb charged fire extinguisher on board with quick release bracket recommended.

SAFETY RULES: Cars require a 5 point SFI racing harness attached to the roll cage. Fire suits, racing gloves, racing shoes, full face shield helmet. Window net 24x16 with top release welded to cage at bottom OR arm restraints required. Head cover, neck brace and nomex underwear recommended. Full face shield helmet 2005 or newer SA approved required. Blood type on helmet recommended.